Steve & Leif Torque Wrench Set

Steve & Leif Torque Wrench Set

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Torque Wrench Set is an essential tool to perform basic bike repair and maintenance. The high quality 1/4" square drive socket torque wrench set includes H3/ H4/ H5/ H6/ H8/H10, T15/ T20/ T25 / T27/ T30 / T40, PH2/ PH3 bits. The wide selection of bits should guarantee that it will work with almost any bolt on your bike. Every bits is designed with a knurled collar which enables user to turn loose bolts in by hand until finger-tight, before bringing in the torque wrench to tighten to correct torque. It has a rating of 2-24 NM. It comes in a blow-molded black plastic box, made to house the wrench itself and all its bits. A metal double-hinge clasp keeps it shut. It is one important tool to have in your arsenal if you’re serious about wrenching on your own bikes.

Height: 7cm
Width: 8cm
Length: 30cm
Weight: 1kg 

Micrometer-type construction
1/4″ square drive socket
Reversible ratchet head mechanism
Includes H3/ H4/ H5/ H6/ H8/H10, T15/ T20/ T25 / T27/ T30 / T40, PH2/ PH3 bits
Torque rating of 2-24 NM

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