Rock N Roll Gold Chain Lube

Rock N Roll Gold Chain Lube

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Rock N Roll Gold Chain Lubricant

The formulation goes deep down into the bike chain and traps any dirt. Then, with the energy of the chain freewheeling backward, the dirt and grit float to the surface so you can wipe it all off, leaving a new and clean application of lube inside the chain, where it’s needed. The chain lube down inside the bike chain creates a protective membrane to seal out dirt and moisture from the moving parts of the chain. As well as holding in place the best lube on the planet, for longer chain life, super smooth shifting and pedaling.

  • Gold lube is the all-rounder chain lubricant for both mountain and road bikes
  • Shake well and apply a stream of lube to the chain at the cassette
  • Get the chain really wet, this lube cleans and lubes all in one
  • Freewheel the chain backward for about 5 seconds, no less.
  • Wipe off all the excess lube
  • 117ml (4oz)

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