Pro Compact Carbon Clip-On
Pro Compact Carbon Clip-On
Pro Compact Carbon Clip-On
Pro Compact Carbon Clip-On
Pro Compact Carbon Clip-On

Pro Compact Carbon Clip-On

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The PRO Compact Carbon Clip-On is an aerodynamic and ergonomic extension which provides additional comfortable hand positions which foster an aerodynamically optimised position on the bike. It is ideal for ultra-distance road-, gravel- and mountain bikers.
Designed to provide you with a better sports bicycle experience the PRO Compact Carbon Clip-On is a bolt-on aerodynamic extension. Developed for ultra-distance cyclists, it attaches to any 31.8mm diameter handlebars and provides various ergonomic hand positions. The Carbon Clip-On is constructed from UD T700 carbon and is suitable for use on road-, gravel- and mountain bikes. By providing a narrow but stable hand position it fosters the maintenance of a small frontal area, thereby improving aerodynamic efficiency. The Carbon Clip-On extension also features an anti-slip texture, to enhance control, ships with three bike computer mounts and a mounting point for PRO’s accessory mount, which allows riders to attach a bike light or action camera to the underside of the extension.
  • Ergonomic and aerodynamic extension
  • Designed for road-, gravel- and mountain bike ultra-cyclists
  • Compliant with any race which allows extensions which do not protrude beyond the brake hoods
  • UD T700 carbon construction
  • Compatible with all 31.8mm diameter handlebars
  • Anti-slip texture for improved grip and control
  • Garmin, Bryton and Wahoo bike computer mounts included
  • Mounting point for PRO accessory mount