Marzocchi Bomber Z1 Coil 29" Fork (Matte Black)

Marzocchi Bomber Z1 Coil 29" Fork (Matte Black)

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An Icon returns.

First released in 1997, the Marzocchi Bomber Z1 returns to the single trails with legendary ride quality and a modern chassis, not only in the version with EVOL air suspension, but also as a coil version with a specially hardened, super light silicon-chrome steel spring. The coil preload can be adjusted via Topcap and thus the negative suspension travel (SAG) can be perfectly adapted to the rider's weight.

An elaborate spring guide system allows for noiseless suspension while the Air Assist System ensures a progressive characteristic curve and puncture protection. Damping is provided by the GRIP system which has already been tried and tested on the EVOL version and allows compression and rebound to be adjusted.

GRIP damping system

FIT GRIP Sweep is a robust closed cartridge style damper with the ability to recirculate and purge a proprietary bath fluid to maintain consistent cartridge fill and damping performance over time. The Sweep lever adjustment is a combined LSC/HSC compression adjustment that ranges from open to lockout.

Specs: 29", 15x110, 170mm travel, 44mm offset