KPlus Nova Replacement Foam Padding

KPlus Nova Replacement Foam Padding

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Replacement foam pad for NOVA. Comes with foam pad and chin pad.

Coolmax lining foam has three specifications. 5mm memory foam pad / 5mm comfort foam pad / 10mm comfort foam pad

Choosing the most comfortable pad for you allows for finer control.

*The above three types of pads are included with the helmet body.

Conform Pad - Pad with built-in memory foam urethane for optimal fitmemory foam pad

A memory foam pad fits gently. The shape changes according to the curve of each individual's head, providing a perfect fit.

Regular Pad-Pad made of highly breathable material keeps the head from getting stuffy.comfort foam pad

There are two types of pads, 5mm and 10mm, so you can make fine adjustments according to the shape of your head. The material is quick-drying and does not get stuffy, so it is more comfortable to wear.