Fizik Tempo Aliante R1/R3/R5
Fizik Tempo Aliante R1/R3/R5
Fizik Tempo Aliante R1/R3/R5

Fizik Tempo Aliante R1/R3/R5

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First launched exactly two decades ago, our Tempo Aliante saddle took the cycling world by storm in 2003 with its innovative design that prioritized rider comfort—so much so that it was even nicknamed "le sofa" in France—and it has been supporting long-distance cyclists ever since. To mark the twentieth anniversary of Aliante, we’re introducing our latest take on this timeless design.
Comfort makes a comeback with the all-new Tempo Aliante.


Part of the new generation of Aliante saddles, the Aliante R1 maintains the main traits that made this saddle family iconic and one of the most comfortable in the entire Fizik range.


Aliante is a waved saddle that features a gradual, tapered transition from wing to nose. With a slightly wider platform to support the ischial bones, it improves stability and weight distribution for all-day rides. With a focus on comfort, the newly redesigned Aliante has a flatter surface to allow for more evenly spread pressure and a balanced feel, especially useful on extended endurance rides.


Aliante features an ergonomic cutout, developed using detailed analysis and input from medical experts, that helps to relieve pressure and facilitate blood flow. Additionally, the generous padding has been engineered with a double-density foam, firmer on the ischial bones, softer on the nose, to provide every rider the right support, regardless of riding position, without creating undue pressure.