Fanttik X9 Pro Portble Tire Inflator
Fanttik X9 Pro Portble Tire Inflator
Fanttik X9 Pro Portble Tire Inflator
Fanttik X9 Pro Portble Tire Inflator

Fanttik X9 Pro Portble Tire Inflator

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Introducing the Fanttik X9 Pro – an enhanced version of the Fanttik X9! Elevate your pumping experience with higher PSI options and continuous inflation. Experience uninterrupted cooling for an impressive 23 minutes. What sets this compact air pump apart is its rapid charging, ensuring you're always ready for any unexpected tire emergencies!

27s Fast Inflation

The Fanttik X9 Pro needs only 27s to refill a standard motorcycle tire (28➡35PSI). It can reach a versatile maximum inflation pressure of 150psi, suitable for motorcycles, compact cars, bicycles, balls, and other inflatables.

Store and Carry with Ease

With its own accessory storage slot design, no need to worry about losing accessories. The hose and body of X9 Pro are integrated, easy to access and store.

Long Lasting Battery

With its built-in 5000mAh (2*2500mAh) large-capacity battery offering long life and cooling system, it can continuously work for up to 23 mins without shut-off.

Easy Control with Convenient Auto-stop

With its 4+N intelligent modes, it effortlessly caters to a range of inflation tasks. Whether you’re inflating your car tires, motorcycle tires, bike tires, or sports balls, or need precise manual control, the X9 Pro has got you covered. When it hits the preset pressure level, it automatically shuts off, saving you the trouble of constant monitoring. Plus, the enhanced screen is not only larger but also boasts excellent readability, even in bright sunlight.

Safe and Energy Conserving

No more fussing with hose installations on the X9 Pro! All you need to do is pull out the yellow end of the hose to activate it and simply push it back into the inflator’s body to turn it off. What’s more, if left unused for 3 minutes, it will automatically shut down, preventing accidental activations, and ensuring a safer user experience.