DARIMO Ellipse Road Dropbar 380
DARIMO Ellipse Road Dropbar 380

DARIMO Ellipse Road Dropbar 380

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The ultimate in lightweight handlebars for your road bike, the Darimo Ellipse road handlebar sets a new standard with a weight of just 128 grams in 420mm width.

The handlebar is entirely manufactured with carbon fiber, with an exclusive combination of bidirectional and unidirectional fabrics with the right orientation to achieve the best weight-resistance-stiffness ratio, always keeping in mind your safety. The proper arrangement of fiber layers has been achieved after finite element calculations and destructive tests.

This type of laminate can only be achieved with a completely handmade construction with a location of the carbon layers made by hand on each handlebar, with a number and arrangement of different layers at each point.

The center diameter is 31.8 mm, adapted to the current standards.

The upper part has a flattened shape to increase comfort during hours of riding. In the lower part it has external grooves for brake and shifters cables.
Measures: Currently manufactured in widths of 360-380-400-420-440mm measured from center to center. With a “compact” shape it has 77mm reach and 128mm drop.

Triathlon extension: The central zone has a sufficient width for assembling extensions, but you must request an specifically reinforced versión.

Finishing: There are four possible finishes with the combination of gloss or matt, bidirectional (3k) or unidirectional. The Unidirectional version, only in the central part, has an increase in weight of about 8 grams.                    

Weight limit: The Darimo handlebar is safe and exceeds the tests of the ISO 4210-2 standard, so it is valid for an overall system weight (bicycle, cyclist, luggage) of maximum 110 kg. In case of riders weighting more than 90kg, we recommend a reinforced version for a stiffness increase.

Use: Road, gravel, CX..

Di2 Version: On demand it’s possible to manufacture the handlebar with holes for the internal routing of electronic cables. In this case, it is necessary to specify where the holes are needed. It leads to an increase in weight depending on the number of holes since these areas must be reinforced.