Ceramic Speed UFO Clean Degreaser 1L

Ceramic Speed UFO Clean Degreaser 1L

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We are proud to introduce UFO Clean, a unique and highly effective drivetrain cleaner. Expanding our UFO range of products, UFO Clean for drivetrains has until now only been used behind closed doors in our preparation labs, stripping all chains of the factory grease and contamination, preparing them for the UFO treatment into becoming the fast UFO Racing Chains.

Designed by our chemist, Dr. Lina Søbjerg, UFO Clean dissolves wax whilst remaining 100% biodegradable. The formula thoroughly removes grease and grime from all drivetrain components using a unique blend of environmentally friendly ingredients to dissolve wax and dirt from internal rollers and all surfaces of chain links, preparing the chain for optimal application of chain coating or lube.

Whilst UFO Racing Chain is designed specifically for race day and UFO Drip Chain Coating is for everyday application on all chains, UFO Clean is not only unrivalled for cleaning a chain but also optimal for the chain preparation when applying UFO Drip Chain Coating. UFO Clean provides the cleanest surface for re-application for all chains and the perfect choice for efficient cleaning of drivetrains.

Advantages of UFO Clean Drivetrain

 Non-toxic and biodegradable formula is environmentally friendly and safe

• Designed and formulated to clean and prepare chains for wax coatings - stripping them from factory grease and contamination

• Perfect for cleaning all drivetrain components

 Developed, tested and produced in Denmark