BBInfinite Pulley Wheels Set Sram AXS Road

BBInfinite Pulley Wheels Set Sram AXS Road

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Rock solid chain control means crisper shifts while Ceramitech bearings channel all your hard work to the ground.

Each Sram AXS road bike 12/14T Ceramitech oversized pulley set features DELRIN® 510GR construction, a fiber reinforced polymer especially suited to high strength situations where resistance to deflection is paramount, such as every time you shift. The Ceramitech bearings are in-molded for absolute security and durability as well as ease of maintenance.

Installation is a snap. No change to chain length is necessary as these Sram Axs road bike oversized pulleys have the same dimensions and profiles as the stock pulleys. This pulley set blows the stock pulleys away when it comes to spin and durability. Don't take our word for it, just watch the video about large derailleur pulleys.

Sram AXS Road Oversized 12/14T Ceramitech Pulley Sets are compatible with all Sram AXS road systems.